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Date: Tue 15 Jul 2003 - 19:10:54 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "Wade T. Smith" <> Vincent says-
    > > it strikes me that there's a difference between skills that can be
    > > conveyed as easily non-verbally as verbally (or indeed even better
    > > non-verbally).
    > I'm not convinced there are any skills that can be learned
    > non-demonstratively. And I do mean even things that are _explained_ via
    > speech or in text without demonstrational actions. (Kids like
    > pictures....) And not only simply as observer- read as much as you like
    > about riding a bike- once you actually get on one, you will still need
    > to demonstrate to yourself that you know how to balance on it. (We do
    > things to discover what we can do. That's the way the body works.
    > Different every single damn time.)

    The thing I got in mind about his is the next,

    We always say to newcommers, that despite the fact that we explain a lot to them, and believe me we do, the main factor to learn the hand- lings properly is ' look about one'_ that is the way it is said, I suppose. The literial translation out of Dutch would be ' stealing with one's eyes '.

    That they, as observers, will learn a few tricks about the ways they must handle their tools to get the job done, is above any doubt, trial and error yes indeed, but above all, like I did now years ago, I tried, with success, to give what I saw with my own eyes a
     " personal touch ", doing the same job as everybody else but in
    ' my own manner '. The endresult is selfsame, but the ways leading up to it are diffe- rent. Speed, understanding, ways of handling tools and the use of it, all differ from person to person. That makes a team work........


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