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    > Languages are learned from outside others, but internalized,
    > remembered and used from within the internal self. BOTH inside and
    > outside are necessary for the explication and use of languages, and
    > thus the one-sided memeisthemotion semimodel is Occamically
    > inadequate for explaining and accounting for the language
    > phenomenon.

    Hi Joe, Wade and all,

    Accordingly to Damisio,

    " ...memory of an object is retained in the shape of a disposition. Dispositions are memories which are slumbered and implicit present, thus not active and explicit like ideas/ notions/ etc.."
    ( The feeling of what happens, 1999- 2001)

    To get the apparutus going you need specification, writing is a- specific, it is a category of conceptions . To get writing going, as like in the defini- tion of writing itself you need extensions, unique factual data. Knowing the abc is not enough to speak a language, yet alone to write words and set up a dialogue.

    What you remerber is not the language, but associations which will lead you up its latter if any specific data is needed. The data is constant being updated and isn 't found in one place. The continuance of what we seem to remerber, ( as like in memories) is the non- stop produc- tion of impulses which correspond with the uninterrupted processing of many objects ( including thus the ( cognitive) working of the mind itself), which interact continious with the human organism.

    What you seem to remerber, as those thoughts, memories you can call your own, are those interactions which play very close upon what Damisio calls, our core- consciousness, our innate feeling of Self.

    Place of birth, time, social class, social environment, education, friends, interests, assumptions of any kind, prejudices, etc and etc, makes you wonder about what Wade is trying to communicate. The memeistheactionmodel challenges the feeling of self you got...



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