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Date: Fri 11 Jul 2003 - 03:22:28 GMT

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    > >exactly the same message can convey different meanings to different
    > >people
    > Just wanted to make a quick comment on this statement. Even if a
    > message is transferred
    > with 100% accuracy, it still does not carry the same meaning to
    > everyone. That is to say, that even if the physical pattern
    > representing a meme is transferred perfectly from one mind to the
    > next, this does not neccessarily entail agreement on the signifigance
    > of the idea. It is important to distinguish between errors in
    > communication, and differences in interpretation. It is common to see
    > these two things confused. It all comes down to the memetic
    > interpretation of the two fundamental types of disagreements:
    > disagreement in attitude and disagreement in belief. With disagreement
    > in belief being an instance in which you do not share a meme(plex)
    > with someone, and disagreement in attitude being an instance when you
    > share a meme(plex), but do not share the interpretation of it. I think
    > for the most part when an effective communicator attempts to transfer
    > a meme the recipient(s) are given the meme, with only negligible
    > errors. The interesting part is observing how the interpretation of
    > the meme changes depending upon the prior conditioning of each
    > learner. Perhaps my interpretation is flawed, or maybe I'm putting to
    > much stress on this idea, but to me, it's important to include the
    > recognition of this in any commentary on memetics. If you think I'm
    > wrong feel free to educate me, I'm merely a humble high school
    > graduate, yet to attend my first year of college. -matt
    Sounds like the difference between a hermeneutics of memetics, and a memetic pragmatics (along with syntactics and semantics, one of the three divisions of semiotics)

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