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Date: Wed 09 Jul 2003 - 02:56:21 GMT

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    OK this is a tad tongue in cheek, but has some serious importance still. If we take memetics as an outgrowth of the replicator versus vehicle dichotomy in that humans (like other organisms ) are mortal evolutionary vehicles carrying immortal coil replicators then we might want to consider whether there are actual mental replicators that can be deemed memes. If memory is the motor of cultural evolution we might want to ponder whether memories are replicated or recreated, meaning passed relatively unchanged and copied with fidelity in most instances both within heads and between heads or recreated, IOW formed anew each time drawing upon resources not so well stored in the psyche and transmitted with not so good level of fidelity. Maybe my dichotomy of replication and recreation sucks at present (as tied to reconstructing a scene such as forensics deals with as it is), but if this dichotomy is valid and recreation supercedes replication as a way of viewing memory being the motor of cultural evolution, then using an apt twist on the replicator/vehicle dichotomy, we humans may instead be recreational vehicles
    (RV's). I've thought of the possibility that this pondering of mine is akin to dumping "black water" (waste products from the RV's lavatory holding tank) in this internet based intellectual RV park, but that too would be ample support for the point I've tried to bring across as I'm not replicating memories passed to me from others, but recreating them based on my vague recollections of source materials and how these source materials have left an impression on me over the years. A true replication event would have been much more lucid and scholarly, but how scholarly and replicative are everyday conversations, which may be the meat of cultural evolution?

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