Re: Memetic trapping and wars.

From: Wade T. Smith (
Date: Mon 07 Jul 2003 - 13:31:47 GMT

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    On Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 04:53 PM, Keith wrote:

    > I find it hard to see this social primate psychological trait as a
    > weakness any more than capture-bonding or attention-reward since it
    > has been an essential response to attack for millions of years. But
    > it is clear that this psychological mechanism can *also* be hijacked
    > by cults, demagogs, and jingoistic "going to war" memes by getting
    > people to feel like victims.

    It might be better to discuss such traits as innate behavioral mechanisms rather than psychological, although I admit I'm cleaving thinly. But, it is pointedly true that such behavioral mechanisms are
    'hijacked' by cultural entities, most markedly cults.

    Jealousy and other barbed and destructive emotions are also vital tools for any 'us-vs-them' manipulations.

    The investigations of primatologists are continually enlightening.

    - Wade

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