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Date: Sun 06 Jul 2003 - 15:13:15 GMT

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    Keith Henson wrote:

    > The other half they taught by silent example
    > alone. One thing this experiment dramatically revealed was just how tough
    > it is to make stone tools; some of the undergraduates never became
    > proficient. But more remarkable still was that the two groups showed
    > essentially no difference either in the speed at which they acquired
    > toolmaking skills or in the efficiency with which they did so. Apparently
    > learning by silent example is just fine for passing along even
    > sophisticated stone tool-making techniques."

    Just yesterday I had to find a French definition of tradition.

    What I found was this: "transmission de doctrines religieuses ou morales, de legendes, de coutume, par la parole ou par l'exemple."

    roughly translated: transmission of religious or moral beliefs, of myths and customs, by speak or by example.

    noteworthy this is a process - a separate meaning of tradition is the 'material transmitted'. important distinction

    my thinking is, that today, as always, the most important 'transmissions' in life are by example.

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