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Date: Tue 01 Jul 2003 - 20:31:47 GMT

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    > PS. I would not make too big a deal out of arguing here. Most of the
    > large number of web sites are rather close to your expression of what is a
    > meme. The noise is mostly because people get off on the attention of
    > having someone respond to their silly postings.

    < Silly !? Do you think I post stupid arguments !? Do you !? I do NOT ! There is another model of memetics around, you take yours for granted. Good for you ! Wade's scheme, right or wrong, has potential and needs to be explored, scrutinized and critisized. That is what Wade, Joe and I did and do. We argue, there is a discussion and debate, our memes are working. Oh, we don 't have to agree, but at least we indulge ourselves in cognitive gymnastics, and please if you really think I am here just to get attention.... Please....... !

    I am maybe making from your point of view a lot of noise, but at least I try to grasp memetics to its full extend. What do you do !?

    If all about memetics is already said, like you seem to suggest, done and explored what do we out here......!? I am a little bit pissed......and most of the time I am sitting quiet in the corner. Oh, I do think that wasn 't your attention but the harm is done !

    Regards though,


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