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Date: Mon 30 Jun 2003 - 19:47:26 GMT

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    Joe wrote,
    > If memes ARE the actions, instead of
    > being ENCODED by them, then small action changes should reflect into
    > small memetic changes, and large action changes should translate into
    > large memetic changes. But this is manifestly NOT the case. Speaking,
    > writing, signing and showing, although they are widely divergent
    > performances, can communicate the selfsame meme, while the change
    > of a single gesture, letter, or phoneme can completely alter, and even
    > reverse, the communicated meme.

    < It doesn 't matter really if the meaning/ or the communicated memes are altered, the writing itself/ the signing/ the showing/ the speaking of itself is important, that IS the action ! That is what elicit the venue...writing stuff down in a 1000 and more ways, signing up, showing stuff, speaking of stuff_ what kind of stuff it is, is of no importance to the venue.

    But, there are feedback loops within the venue and between venue and the individuals within it ! That is IMO, what you talk about, you talk about the ' what about '_ this gives meaning and context and evolution of the specific venue and thus in the end of culture.

    But it is NOT the marker of the action/ performance itself. That is
    ' writing stuff down ' _ what/ with what/ who did/ why/ where and how is of ' another level of communication '. The marker is the top of the pyramid, context and meaning are its building blocks_ a top- down process. The evoluion of culture is a ' bottom- up- feedback-to- the- venue ' process and this results each time and over and over again into an anew parameter of any specific venue at the top, what thus results into an anew performance eliciting an anew expected performance from its audience ! A question of who is the hare and who is the turtle....



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