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    > My original point stands, however, that it the decision to act is a
    > cognitive and internal process, not an environmental and external one
    > (although the decision to act is often, though not always, prompted by
    > and in response to the reception of external stimuli).

    < Yes it does and I 'm glad you acknowledge the fact that the envi- ronment/ external stimuli is of great importance. But, if memes ARE acions, than writing one down would mean that
    ' the writing down of the meme ' IS the meme_ regardless of the context/ meaning of the stuff ! It is than what ( the writing) I see ( as the observer) that is the meme
    ( for me). And yes, that is meaningless_ without the ' knowing ' of what the guy is doing I wouldn 't comprehend that it is actual writing stuff down ! So, I need cognitive and internal processes on which I can rely to understand.

    Can 't thus Wade's scheme not be a 2 way mechanism- in which 2 lines of communication are working simultaneously !? One line working onto the level of species- selection ( the writing down of any meme) itself is the meme. Thus the meme IS the action_ and that the other line is working on a more individualisticly bases ( meaning/ context related).

    If the evolution of writing ( or even language) is an aspect of with species- bounded selection, than the evolution itself of the pheno- mena needs the faster lane of the individualisticly selection to progress. It is thus what can evolve very fast that will survive_ and so in order to survive, the action ( writing stuff down) must have a 1000 and more ways to be performed.

    Writing stuff down with a pencil would be ok for eons of time if there was enough wood and carbon avaible to sustain the commands. The writing itself would diseappear if noone could supply anymore_ and if there wasn 't another tool to pen down the words.

    So, no Wade's scheme don 't falls down as long we go for a 2 way system. That is not to say that the above is right, it is just a suggestion to rewind your opposition. Moreover, as it is memetics we 're talking about and not genetics, anew ideas and angles of incidence are needed to understand what is going on. For the memeisthemotion- model we need far more new ideas and angles to make it work. Critizing one model with the characteristics of another is actual no good at all. I understand that is for now the only way we got and maybe the only way there will ever be.........

    But anyway, what do you think !?



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