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Date: Sat 28 Jun 2003 - 18:22:47 GMT

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    > When a decision is made, before one acts upon it, the p300 neuronal
    > cluster fires in the cortex. Simple, Pet-scan-verifiable fact.

    < I don 't doubt this, but and here I go again, Benjamin Libet found out that it only took 20 milliseconds before a signal reaches the brain, but it took half a second ( 500 milliseconds) before the person rapported that he actually felt somehing.

    Half a second is a lot within a world where actionpotenials can disap- pear in less than 2 milliseconds. It means hat most of wha we do and what we consider as competent, well- considered and well- thought of, happens so fast that we ain 't aware.

    So who is in control !? You or your brain !? What comes first, the conscient decision to move or the unconscient motoric handling !? Libet found that the decision to move comes 1 full second AFTER the motoric aeras were beginning to prepare themselves for action. Your brain already made ' a decision ' to move even before you relaize you were actually moving at all.......... The implication of such tests is that, that our behavior is not control- led by free will, but by unconscient handling.

    After all, if free will and consciousness are just illusions, a neuro- fysiological scam, what do you verify on the PET !?

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