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Date: Thu 26 Jun 2003 - 19:14:25 GMT

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    > > Acting in cases of an emergency is important, but doing nothing and
    > > letting experts do their jobs is of equal importance........
    > But the decision to either act or not to act is itself not an action, but
    > decision, that is, it is cognitive and internal.

    < In a way, this is not correct, the decision you make is biased within the parameter-set of the venue sending out it dues for expected per- formances to be performed.

    When a fire starts, you probably will call the fire- department_ that is in your book a decision, but it is also in my book, by all means, a ( possible) expected performance. If it were to be your house, or that of a friend, a family- member I guess you won 't decide ( that takes some time, how tiny the in- terval might be), you will be calling the fire- brigade_IMO an expected performance in cases of you seeing a house burn.

    (You still think you are in control, but the acknowledgment of you seeing a fire sets in motion performances of which you have no control whatsoever_ it is the property of that specific venue that sets the arrangement of the scenery to represent the stage of where on certain performances will be enacted.)

    Was this something you thought about or did impulsive_ or was it a habit you were already familar with !? I go for the last, it was an expected performance you seeing a house burning.

    Will you do nothing !? Some people might. But if a resident was calling out for help would you stake your life to save her !? If you don 't, don 't be hard on yourself here, that's cool, no harm done_ the concern of this specific cultural/ social venue is not about her, but about you_ within the organism you are, venues are playing their hand to continue and maintain themselves_ in- cluding cognitive venues, habits and traits. There are still genetic sceneries that arrange a lot, including the one that most people have an interest for self- preservation.

    Heroes are made when one overcomes this and goes in......



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