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    > But, indeed, all cultures require a venue, because all cultural
    > interaction requires a performer and an observer, and they cannot exist
    > in two dimensional space or time. The venue is this space, but it is
    > also the cultural milieu, and it is also a controlled environment, made
    > to ensure, through repetition and experience and alterations,
    > performances of continuing fidelity.
    > It is a form, if you will, of prediction, the venue. This is a fact
    > Richard has continually chosen to ignore.


    In order to help you out,

    This is analogous to what forms groups, social- psychological seen that is,

    A venue is a kind of formal group where within goals and a few important rules are fixed, sometimes very strict. The rules are considered to be connected with assignments of duties and competence + the follow up of procedures, decision- making amongst others. There will be more planning. All of this has a predictive character.

    Within such a venue certain rules are a given, there are certain circumstances to be made under with it can and will function, that is inducing performances upon human beings so that cer- tain performances can and will be expected to ensure the con- tinuance of the venue itself.

    Within a formal group its members are taking the rules seriously
    ( untill a certain level is reached) and this becomes a very im- portant aspect of its function. The way of how such a group will end up is more predictable that way. Control is a necessity, but a piece of spontaneity is still avaible, creativity...

    Two kinds of rules are playing at the bias, rules as a given and those which occur on the spur of the moment.



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