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From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Mon 23 Jun 2003 - 13:19:44 GMT

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    Joe wrote,
    > Variation and mutation are ubiquitous, and they are necessary for
    > evolution. The fact that multiple variations/mutations can continue to
    > exist just means that there can be multistable viable selection
    > alternatives once the characterizing/identifying essentials are fulfilled.
    > Nevertheless, there are some instances in which such ideal identicality
    > is closely , even asymptotically, approached. For instance, the
    > Christian Great Charter ("Go ye therefore and teach all nations, etc....")
    > is the command for the memeset holder to obsessively replicate to all
    > and sundry whichever variation of the Christian memeset the person
    > holds, and it is known and memorized, word for word, in many
    > languages across the globe.

    Yes, it is, but how 'selfsame ' would the information be encoded !? How ' selfsame ' would each person infected by this perform in order to fulfill the words their potential !? Variation and mutation arise in how people induce upon the received information, and very ubiquitous indeed, how and what kind of context they received the info in the first place. Not the info is important, what you do with it IS !



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