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Date: Mon 23 Jun 2003 - 13:10:11 GMT

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    > Then I think that the comments I am making pertain to both memes and
    > memeplexes. In terms of precision of replication, I would guess that a
    > memeplex -- simply because it is more complex -- might replicate with less
    > precision than a single meme, but as I type this I wonder: might the
    > interdependence and interaction of the memes within a memeplex not serve
    > _increase_ the fidelity of the transmission? Hmmmmmm.....interesting
    > thought.

    Interesting it is, but IMHO wrong at the marker ! At first glance, yes it would seem like that, that thus the interaction of the memes serves the fidelity of their transmission, but if we take Wade 's scheme, than I would propose to say, not their fidelity, but their ways of prolification, of possible procreation and propagation are on the increase. The most important bit is their transmission ( more perfor- mances means more possible performances can be expected and thus continuance of the venue of which they are part), not how fidel the information is. It is of importance, of course, continuance of the performance depends on it, it helps, but it is not the main objective_ the more info you get the more performances can be expected_ it doesn 't matter if this info is being transmitted with fidelity or not.

    The fidelilty of the transmission is of importance to the recognition aspect of things_ each time we see a hand waving we know it is a friendly gesture, what in the end it meant or what the performer expects is another matter.



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