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Date: Mon 23 Jun 2003 - 12:47:00 GMT

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    > What matters is whether you are prompted to replicate/proliferate the
    > meme in turn. As I said before, identical is an unattainable absolute,
    > cognitive-gestalt speaking. But, although the concept of being saved
    > by a belief in the divinity of Jesus is a bit different for each believer,
    > idea of attempting to save others via communicating the concept to
    > others has historically, albeit, to my mind, regrettably, considering all
    > the unfortunate (and itself variable between both individual and groups
    > of believers - see denominations and heresies) baggage it has carried
    > in its train, shown remarkable durability across individual variations,
    > and the very idea of heresies is itself a normalizing hook attempting to
    > enforce, with mixed success, uniformity across divergent historical
    > epochs, populations and understandings.

    Replication/ prolification are induced by the venue in which you live, can be a result of the emotional state you were in, what kind of people you meet, what kind of people you talked to, etc...but all those examples are part of some venue which acts as agents, it reacts and evolves along the way, it influences. And all of the unfortunate replications are too part of a venue, prompted or not, being part of the atheist- side of the coin I am prompted any- way to disgard salvation, what matters wether the meme/ information can convince me or you to change sides....



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