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Date: Mon 23 Jun 2003 - 12:21:02 GMT

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    > In our view of memetic dissemination, the replication need not, and will
    > rarely be identical. Yet we call it memetic and this view seems to work
    > in our work.
    > Why is dissemination nor identical? Because each person (or group of
    > for we also think of memes as being able to disseminate to and through
    > groups) will have his own criteria for acceptance which may require some
    > modification of the meme prior to acceptance. So as they disseminate,
    > also tend to mutate. The 'power' of the meme lies in part in its ability
    > withstand such mutation, i.e. to be accepted whole and as close to
    > identically by the recipient.

    Hi Lawrence,

    Maybe you look at the wrong markers ! It could very easily be the other way round, that the power of the meme lies just in its ability to mutate, sligh off target each time, the same but different. Don 't forget the time/ space diffirentials, the influence of the environment, manipulation ( inducing itself so that other memes go one direction without ' knowing ' how they went on that road), etc....

    Not withstanding mutation would at least IMO explain the rate of the memes' dissemination and why they replicate so fast within any structure. The influence of the cultural/ social venue, to keep performances going, and thus maintain itself along the way, is the motor behind the mutations. If culture, like we all seem to accept, evolves it needs those to go on furher.



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