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Date: Sun 22 Jun 2003 - 19:45:12 GMT

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    > <<And the model of memetics that defines the meme as a self-replicating
    > idea is the one most mistaken about culture. There is no way to
    > demarcate how an idea replicates, or even if such a process is
    > possible. Indeed, your entire sentence above is nonsensical and
    > illogical, by any definition of 'idea'.>>
    > Unfortunately for you, that's what memetics is: the study of the
    > self-replicating idea. And of course you continue to close your eyes to
    > obvious idea replication going on all around you. Fair Harvard, thy sons
    > thy jubilee throng...


    And the replication ' between minds ' is due to performances....speaking, writing, listening, observing, understanding,...are all part of the picture.

    You seem to emphasize to the self- replicating- idea- entity qualifications of being alive in the real sense of the word, what seems strange to me from you...telepathy is out of the question, how does any observer knows, understands what any other performer meant if it wasn 't in some way shown to him, written down in front of him,...seen by him is still a per- formance!?

    The performance- scheme is a model of how ideas replicate...being part of a performance memes replicate. I don 't see how this is so hard to understand....



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