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Date: Sun 22 Jun 2003 - 19:25:40 GMT

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    > Nonsense. You don't have a replicator. You can't predict anything. You
    > explain anything. You can't even write down the mechanics of your
    > model.

    Yes, he has ! The replicator is the abstract info of the performance, if I wave my hand the important bit is the question if the gesture is a friendly one or are you gonna hit me ! Next time around I will remerber which it was.... The replicator aspect from the performer respective is the handwaving iself, how he does it, why, when, where,...The observer, context related takes his pick. It is, what Joe calls the ' what about ' that is of importance...the meme- act.

    > You don't have a meme. You don't have a replicator. Now you are calling an
    > artifact a performance.

    Yes, he has ! The meme IS the performance ! It is the whatever info which is connected to the waving of my hand that makes up the memes...for you. It is within cultural/ social collective representational schema's that we can understand what the performer meant. It is within the structure of such schema's that you can predict what the waving of my hand means. This is part of our daily social intercourse... evolved, mutated, selected for over the eons of time. a causes x and by such consequence y comes into being followed by z and z in turn gives feedback back to a which is being strenghted by it, and so on....and in the end you get 2 possibilities, a friendly gesture or my handwaving means trouble....



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