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    > So in being solipsistic would you switch from the infamous "brain in a
    > to a "brain in a venue"? Was the Berkelyian absolute mind of "The Matrix"
    > akin to a vat or a venue? Are our thoughts as individuals funnelled to us
    > a collective repesentational schema that arises *sui generis* (*sensu*
    > Durkheim) not too unlike the computer network that treated Neo et al as
    > "batteries"?
    > No I've not seen the latest Matrix movie, though I could probably glean it
    > from Berkeley, Malebranche, and Schopenhauer.


    If we take solipsism to its bone, no I would rather emphasize the possibility of a venue IN the brain. Us all being individuals, our thoughts would probably be funnelled to us by a collective representational scheme, but we cannot know that, although...a circular causality scheme would give us answers...... a causes b and b causes something within c and c in its turn causes small changes in a. In such a way there's no way to tell what causes what when and where...

    But to answer your question, yes, I think so, interaction is the key word I presume for sui generis, but this is an old human trait...nowadays we take it for granted. We have made over the eons of time our own cultural/ social venue so that we can interact with it. This has much to do with aspects of groupsbounding IMHO, that sounds contradictive with solipsism, but than again, forming groups could be just a by- product of being individual in the first place.



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