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Date: Fri 20 Jun 2003 - 23:09:44 GMT

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    > The arguments about the innate basis for rape need not imply rape is a
    > good thing. Are those looking into rape as an evolved strategy actually
    > condoning rape? These ideas could be flawed on the factual part, but
    > this could be demarcated from the moral part. Whether rape has an innate
    > basis or not, it is still morally wrong.

    Sorry for the snipping...

    No I don't pass a moral judgement on the issue (which btw is rubbish), what I judge is his persistence (his wife left him over his obsessive behviour btw) in promoting his greivously flawed POV, giving succour to a breed of misogynist that is still very much in evidence. If it was remotely valid, I would have to deal with it, and I would not use a moral framework to do so. My judgement is of him and his refusal to stfu.

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