RE: Precision of replication

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Fri 20 Jun 2003 - 03:20:07 GMT

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    At 09:42 PM 19/06/03 -0400, Scott wrote:


    >Many of my posts are good examples of how speeling errors get transmitted
    >but the receiver hopefully relizes which words were intended. Perhap this
    >is a post-transmission error correction mechanism. I blame my keyboard for
    >the pre-transmission stuff.

    I forgot to mention another way to reduce errors, redundancy. English is typically 50% redundant, i.e., you can knock out that many random letters and still (sort of) read it.

    Some years ago I "demasked" some materials scientology had filed for copyrighted under a mask, eventually getting about 80% right. (I checked against a real copy that was posted much later on the net.)

    Keith Henson

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