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From: Richard Brodie (
Date: Thu 19 Jun 2003 - 16:45:14 GMT

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    Scott wrote:

    <<If identical copying of ideas betwwen the minds of individuals is the acid test of cultural replicators, how fundamental to an understanding of human behavior can memetics be? Sounds like more of a sidelight to the messy nitty gritty.>>

    Assuming you mean "understanding of culture" -- because "human behavior" has a lot to do with genetic evolution as well -- I suppose it's as fundamental as the identical copying of genes is to genetics. But look, Scott: think about the explosion of culture since words were written down, vastly increasing identical copying of ideas. Think about the explosion of technology since mass data storage and mass communication became available for the identical copying of data, methods, and computer programs.

    The canonical cultural replicator is a word. Words are copied with 100% fidelity billions of times a day. We are in love with words, addicted to them because they have the ability to tickle our emotional responses and make us do things. I think that's interesting. I think there are few things more interesting than that.

    Richard Brodie

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