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Date: Thu 19 Jun 2003 - 16:30:03 GMT

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    Lawry wrote:

    <<I use the term and concept of memeplex, too, in the sense that a memeplex is a collection of memes with a common theme at its core, and in which the participating memes tightly reinforce and amplify each other, or in which the memes are mutually dependent. IIRC, this is, I think, compatible with your own use of the term.>>

    I don't know what a "common theme" is (other than another meme perhaps). But sure, a memeplex is a bundle of memes that tends to get the memes comprising it replicated with greater frequency than they do on their own.

    <<Then I think that the comments I am making pertain to both memes and memeplexes. In terms of precision of replication, I would guess that a memeplex -- simply because it is more complex -- might replicate with less precision than a single meme, but as I type this I wonder: might the interdependence and interaction of the memes within a memeplex not serve to
    _increase_ the fidelity of the transmission? Hmmmmmm.....interesting thought.>>

    Well, a meme gets replicated with 100% fidelity by definition. If it doesn't get replicated exactly then it's a mutation. And yes, I agree 100% with your interesting thought. The memes comprising a memeplex work together to get the whole bundle passed on.

    <<Richard, is it your thought that memeplexes and memes behave differently when it comes to transmission and replication? I have looked at the case in which only a subset of the memes in a memeplex are transmitted, and what effect that has, but short of this I have been proceeding on the assumption that a memeplex is essentially just a 'big meme' when it comes to transmission.>>

    I think you've put your finger on it. It makes no sense to talk about a meme being transmitted with less than 100% fidelity unless you are talking about mutation. With a memeplex, you might be interested in less than 100%-fidelity transmission as long as the receiving mind exhibits similar behavior as a result of sharing the memeplex.

    Richard Brodie

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