Viral Memory

Date: Thu 19 Jun 2003 - 04:49:14 GMT

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    > > What are the independently detectable carriers of "morphic
    > > resonance"?
    > Sheldrake and I disagree on this point. He regards time to be the
    > carrier, that somehow organic forms from the past keep to the current
    > of time so as to remain present. I find this unsatisfying, to say the
    > least. In my view, the concept of the "past" does not apply to living
    > form. From the POV of matter (e.g. the brain), time is the
    > substitution of one moment with another. From the POV of organic form
    > (e.g. the mind), time is the *accumulation* of moments rather than
    > their passage. This is the basis of memory. We can remember the past
    > because, as far as mind is concerned, it never went away. Thus we
    > need not posit a "carrier" for morphic influences, any more than we
    > need a carrier for light waves.
    Now Dace grants viruses with enough memory to replicate their form. And where would it be stored, hmmmm? The exact same place ours is, of course - in the genes. Not in some woo-woo 'morphic resonant field'.

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