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From: Wade T. Smith (
Date: Wed 18 Jun 2003 - 20:27:06 GMT

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    On Wednesday, June 18, 2003, at 03:09 PM, Ray wrote:

    > All of this gets back to Manfred Eigen's notion of 'quasi-species'
    > which
    > can be identified mathematically using the concept of a
    > multi-dimensional
    > fitness landscape.

    Fitness landscape is very concise. Multi-dimensional maths are, however, way beyond me....

    > Nor we can we say, as Wade has acknowledged, that one performance is
    > exactly the same as any other.


    This has always been a _demand_ of mine....


    > What defines a meme under the quasi-species is the existence of a
    > distinct population group.

    This is fascinating. (I will only mention that, while it takes my performance model to a new level, it does not falsify it at all. In fact, it may be where I was stumbling towards with the venue.)

    > Such assertions should be seen, not as refuting the notion of the
    > memetic model altogether, but as the beginnings of the search for
    > parameters of populations groups that we will call memes.

    Again, I seriously doubt there is any _one_ memetic model, and I've never desired to do anything but support memetics.

    But, again, I like the idea of 'parameter of population groups' as a definition of meme. This is so close to the view I have of the venue agent that I'm willing to start thinking in terms of the venue entirely, although this will offer Joe a virtual field day with me.

    But, at least definitionally, I was always willing to call the venue of the performance model, the universe, as Richard calls it, of the culture (very nicely being described as the parameters of the population group, as well, yum) by another name more approachable by other memeticists, 'memeplex', because that is also an apt word, but, as I did mention, venue has more connection to performance theory.

    Anyway, thanks, Ray.

    - Wade

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