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    >June 12,
    > > Sure, we learn through experience, but this is not to deny the internal,
    > > cognitive character of the learning and the knowing; BOTH the between
    > > and the within are necessary and essential, and Wade's between-only
    > > half-model simply cannot pass the second half of Occam's Razor
    > > (explaining all the present phenomena, such as our ability to encode
    > > the selfsame meme in vastly differing performances).
    >Joe, Wade,
    >Yes, but in Wade' s scheme both the internal and the external are of
    >importance_ it is just that the brain and its functions is part of what you
    >stipulate as the ' external '.
    >We don 't deny the internal funcional process of the brain/ mind_ we
    >just don 't see the process ( of what is going on in there) as a particular
    >condition of memes. The info of where with the brain has to function,
    >besides its own natural specifics, must be induced upon it !
    >It is up to the cultural/ social venue within which you were born that
    >will induce the selfsame meme upon you_ your birthday is been
    >' remerbered ' by that one card, that one special gift, that day at the
    >races, etc..each time you look at it, play with it, or go back to the
    >stables all of these are ' reasons ' by which you will remerber your
    >There are 1000 and 1000 such reasons, constantly inducing their
    >info within your culture, all the time, day and is the con-
    >tinuance of the inducement that makes that you ' remerber ' all
    >the time yours, can remerber your will...but that ain 't
    >true...the constant inducement of performances, expected to
    >happen ( ways of remerbering birthdays) makes up the conti-
    >nuance of remerbering...there ain 't one moment in the time/
    >space of the cultural venue that a way by which you will
    >remerber your birthday ain 't performed. Of some you aren 't
    >aware, that gift giving to the neighbours son is not your way
    >to remerber yours, but that Playmobil- kit where that boy
    >across the street is playing with right now is...and you will
    >' remerber ' your will !? Probably !?
    >It is in a way, not our ability to encode the selfsame meme
    >in vastly differing is the cultural venue
    >that does the work...we just ' recognize ' the performance
    >which fits best with the specific venue within which I was
    >born...with its own specific parameters, mathematics and
    >logic. What you will recognize I do not and vice versa.
    >What you will observe I can not due to the difference of
    >cultural/ social venue.
    >My main objection, what a word...with Wade's scheme
    >so far, is the fact of solipsism...due to our uniqueness,
    >as well genetic and as well memetic, I am still in hazzard
    >with the individualistic- bit.
    >I won 't be backsliding Wade, that 's for sure, but I keep
    >on wondering about the effects of the cultural venue upon
    >the matter how far you turn the clock back,
    >' we ' observe as individuals each performance, each artifact
    >differently, it may be close, but not exact, it is not the same,
    >not even self- same as you did claim, but what we in the end
    >observe is ours !
    >The mind is one of the agents, yes...but the mind has its own
    >uniqueness over and over again, no perception of any per-
    >formance if the self- same in any observing, do
    >we talk here about a " solipsistic " aspect or not.....!?
    >I am puzzled by this....
    So in being solipsistic would you switch from the infamous "brain in a vat" to a "brain in a venue"? Was the Berkelyian absolute mind of "The Matrix" akin to a vat or a venue? Are our thoughts as individuals funnelled to us by a collective repesentational schema that arises *sui generis* (*sensu* Durkheim) not too unlike the computer network that treated Neo et al as

    No I've not seen the latest Matrix movie, though I could probably glean it from Berkeley, Malebranche, and Schopenhauer.

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