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Date: Tue 17 Jun 2003 - 00:22:37 GMT

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    > [Jake1] I really don't know how this topic has anything worthwhile to
    > add to the subject of memetics. I again suggest either ending this and
    > related threads or stopping both Joe Dees and Ted Dace from posting to
    > the memetics list. From reading responses on here, I am obviously not
    > alone in this point of view. Yes, someone has mentioned to me that I
    > can simply delete posts from them and not read, but reality simply
    > doesn't work this way. You let people like Joe Dees and Ted Dace act
    > like mindless propaganda spewing jerks and then others join in, or
    > eventually others take it as their cue to mindlessly spew their own
    > mindless propaganda. Eventually you don't have a worthwhile forum
    > anymore. Already many people in the real world as well as academia,
    > think that memetics is some sort of fantasy or science fiction joke.
    > This kind of crap only confirms it. They can now sign up to memetics
    > mailing list and have to delete dozens many political propaganda rants
    > dripping with ad hominem that they could have probably found by any
    > group amateur flamers anywhere on the Internet of similar subject and
    > definitely of similar caliber. It doesn't take long for a person to
    > assign this stupidity to the forum in general and simply walk
    > away/cancel their subscription/ or otherwise never read it again. This
    > forum used to be worth reading. I am beginning to have my doubts
    > anymore.
    > Love,
    > -Jake
    > (Joe lamely attempts to justify his spewings on the basis of "the sky
    > is falling.")
    > [Joe] Actually, the study of the hooksand filters emplotedvirulent
    > Wahhabist memeset, which has given rise to the Al Quaedan ideology,
    > the Deobandi extremism of the Taliban and the Pakistani and Kashmir
    > fundamentalists, the Chechen terror bombers, and the Palestinian
    > death-cult, is not only well within the theoretical purview of a
    > memetics list
    > [Jake2] your description alone confirms that you cannot think calmly
    > or reasonably about this subject, much less apply memetic concepts in
    > a coherent fashion on this topic. If everything is such an emergency,
    > then perhaps you should go to some other forum to try and sell your
    > "crisis". If you are waiting for the science of memetics to come of
    > age to help you on this emergency, then you are obviously wasting your
    > time needlessly.
    I'll bet the inhabitants of the Twin Towers felt comfy and nonthreatened too; the first step towards countering such a memset is understanding it.
    > [Joe wails on . . . ], but, as such a perusal might lead to ideas on
    > how to counter the most dire threat extant to global civil and human
    > rights, participatory democracy, gender egalitarianism, religious
    > pluralism, free-thinking scientific investigation, and the
    > perpetuation and advancement of contemporary modernity in general, it
    > is an extremely practical, and one might even say
    > world-enlightenment-ideal/value-survival-essential, endeavor as well.
    > If such a virulent and medievalistically oppressive worldview does
    > indeed gain worldwide ascendancy, we can all kiss memetic (and any
    > other kind of non-Muslim) study a fond good-bye.
    > [Jake] You exaggerate egregiously. I assure you that there exist many
    > other cultural topics, and many other cultural phenomenon, both past
    > and present, other than your favorite pissing contest topic, with
    > which we can attempt to apply memetics. Either you simply choose to
    > ignore them, or you lack the education to know about them. If you have
    > any doubts, or are simply lost in your hateful/angry ignorance/myopia,
    > then I sugest checking in the anthropology section of your library or
    > local community college. Perhaps altering your focus on something else
    > other this may indeed mean kissing YOUR favorite obsessions goodbye.
    > It may even mean that you stop paying so much attention to your daily
    > dosage of CNN. But I doubt that memetics will suffer from the lack of
    > your (And Dace's) screaming and regurgitation.
    Actually, burgeoning Borgian Wahhabism is the single greatest memetically-based threat to modern free society. If you can think of another one, please enlighten the list; otherwise admit it.
    > [Jake2] In any case I haven't seen ANYTHING on this topic here that I
    > haven't already seen handled in at least a more educated if otherwise
    > similarly unbalanced manner elsewhere. Obviously if the world is
    > waiting for memetics to develop a useful theory about this topic, then
    > this forum is a sad failure in this regard. One might blame yours and
    > Ted's incapacity to communicate coherently on the topic, or one might
    > blame the field of memetics for being so ineffectual on this topic.
    > Either way, I personally vote for ending this stupidity.
    I have submitted quite a few memetically-influenced studies of this topic, including Lee Harris' excellent Al Quaeda's Fantasy Ideology. Ostriching the issue is less than helpful, even if it is endemic of your persona.
    > [Jake2] Let's either get rid of the topic or get rid of the
    > participants who choose to waste other people's computer resources and
    > to disrupt forums that they do not own, as if they had a complete
    > right to do so. Or better yet, how about both solutions, since the
    > problem children involved are obviously repeat offenders anyway. I
    > mean how many times do the problem children get to shit on the table
    > and piss in the soup before we finally say they aren't welcome
    > anymore.
    Yeah, like YOU'VE done jack shit here besides piss, moan and complain. I've submitted mucho original work to this forum; where's yours, huh? It simply doesn't exist. Methinks you're just trying to count coup on some sort of silverback gorilla power play.
    > Love,
    > -Jake

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