Re: Jake's profound and shallow misunderstanding

Date: Mon 16 Jun 2003 - 20:18:05 GMT

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    > I really don't know how this topic has anything worthwhile to add to
    > the subject of memetics. I again suggest either ending this and
    > related threads or stopping both Joe Dees and Ted Dace from posting to
    > the memetics list. From reading responses on here, I am obviously not
    > alone in this point of view. Yes, someone has mentioned to me that I
    > can simply delete posts from them and not read, but reality simply
    > doesn't work this way. You let people like Joe Dees and Ted Dace act
    > like mindless propaganda spewing jerks and then others join in, or
    > eventually others take it as their cue to mindlessly spew their own
    > mindless propaganda. Eventually you don't have a worthwhile forum
    > anymore. Already many people in the real world as well as academia,
    > think that memetics is some sort of fantasy or science fiction joke.
    > This kind of crap only confirms it. They can now sign up to memetics
    > mailing list and have to delete dozens many political propaganda rants
    > dripping with ad hominem that they could have probably found by any
    > group amateur flamers anywhere on the Internet of similar subject and
    > definitely of similar caliber. It doesn't take long for a person to
    > assign this stupidity to the forum in general and simply walk
    > away/cancel their subscription/ or otherwise never read it again. This
    > forum used to be worth reading. I am beginning to have my doubts
    > anymore.
    > Love,
    > -Jake
    Actually, the study of the hooksand filters emplotedvirulent Wahhabist memeset, which has given rise to the Al Quaedan ideology, the Deobandi extremism of the Taliban and the Pakistani and Kashmir fundamentalists, the Chechen terror bombers, and the Palestinian death-cult, is not only well within the theoretical purview of a memetics list, but, as such a perusal might lead to ideas on how to counter the most dire threat extant to global civil and human rights, participatory democracy, gender egalitarianism, religious pluralism, free-thinking scientific investigation, and the perpetuation and advancement of contemporary modernity in general, it is an extremely practical, and one might even say world-enlightenment-ideal/value-survival-essential, endeavor as well. If such a virulent and medievalistically oppressive worldview does indeed gain worldwide ascendancy, we can all kiss memetic (and any other kind of non-Muslim) study a fond good-bye.

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