RE: Meme definition (was: birthdays)

From: Richard Brodie (
Date: Mon 16 Jun 2003 - 02:10:38 GMT

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    Richard said:
    > How about a child whose mother is a strict disciplinarian? The
    > child blames
    > the strictness for her woes and makes a decision to be lenient
    > with her own
    > child, who comes to the opposite conclusion and once again adopts the
    > strictness meme. Where is that generation-skipping meme encoded?

    Lawry wrote:

    <<I would treat this as more a matter of simple learning and reaction, rather than a meme at work. The grandchild might as easily adopt yet a third pattern of behavior; there is no intrinsic reason for the grandchild to adopt the grandmother's pattern (other than that the model you offer has only two behavioral choices). What do you think?>>

    There are an infinity of possibilities for meme transmission. Simple learning and reaction is one.

    Richard Brodie

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