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Date: Sun 15 Jun 2003 - 18:12:46 GMT

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    Wade wrote:

    <<The performance model truly _accepts_ this triad of condition, and calls the necessary and sufficient agent of this cultural continuation and evolution the 'meme'. (Which, AFAIK, was the original proposed use of this word- the unit of cultural evolution.)>>

    I look forward to someone some day explaining exactly what the "performance model" is. :)

    "Meme" was proposed by Dawkins as a name for a cultural replicator analogous to the gene, and later refined by him and Dennett to be a mental replicator. As I pointed out in my 1995 book, meme is not the only cultural replicator nor THE unit of cultural evolution. Artifacts and subcultures can also fruitfully be looked on as replicators.

    Richard Brodie

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