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    > > > What you're missing is the human dimension. For example, plenty
    > > > of people have recognized that the state policies of Israel toward
    > > > its Palestinian minority are criminal. To be anti-Israel, in this
    > > > limited sense, results from subjecting beliefs to our innate
    > > > capacity for reason. But some people criticize Israel, not out of
    > > > reason, but out of a racist hatred of Jews. These are people who
    > > > equate all Jews with Israel, though many Jews, even Israeli
    > > > citizens, are appalled at the brutality of their government and
    > > > their fellow citizens. The principled anti-Isreali stance is a
    > > > result of human intelligence, not memetic struggle. The
    > > > unprincipled anti-Israeli stance results from the success of the
    > > > anti-Jew meme. Another unprincipled stance, which is pro-Isreali,
    > > > depends on the success of the meme that equates all criticism of
    > > > Israel with "anti-Semitism" (the irony being that Arabs are
    > > > themselves Semitic).
    > >
    > > The bias is not on the basis of race so much as religion; all
    > > members of non-Islamic religions are to be converted, enslaved
    > > (dhimmitude) or killed. This is the stance that medieval Christians
    > > also took, but the Enlightenment, which the Islamists have either
    > > rejected or never experienced, grew them out of it.
    > Unlike Christians, Muslims always accepted and revered Jews and lived
    > at peace with them.
    Bullshit. You don't know your history. Do you know the meaning of the word 'dhimmitude'? The trend has only escalated with the increasing acceptance of the virulent Wahhabist mutation. To quote some of your 'peace-loving Muslims':

    An Interview with Egyptian Preacher Safwat Higazi Safwat Higazi: People wonder why we hate the Jews. The battle between us and the Jews is not a struggle for borders, but a struggle for existence. We hate them because of what they say about the prophets, about Allah, and about the Prophet Muhammad. This is the Muslim Woman Magazine' and probably most of the viewers are women. I wish that they would suckle their children on such words, just as they suckle them on breast milk. They must stop telling them about Tom and Jerry and Muna and Ghula - rather, stories such as these, like who the Jews are and why we hate them. Host: And how the Prophet arrived and how the Muslims arrived... Safwat Higazi: Stories that will sow hatred and loathing of the Jews in the hearts of the new generations.

    An interview with Saudi Sheikh Salah Al-Munajid Host: We, the nation of Islam, are charged with worshipping Allah by hating the Jews, worshipping Allah by getting our children used to hate the Jews, and worshipping Allah by waving the banners of Islam proudly, without fear or pain, and without surrendering the nation of martyrdom, the nation of victory, and the nation of honor. Dear ones, I have a question before we move on to discuss the subject of the boycott (of American goods) together with the honorable Sheikh Munjid. Honorable Sheikh, after September 11, the Islamic nation, particularly Saudi Wahabi society, was accused of being terrorist, and that its education produced terror. An ABC correspondent, the famous Barbara Walters, conducted an official visit to the Saudi kingdom, especially in the southern region, but what she broadcast after that was deplorable. After the hospitality she received, and after hearts and doors were opened to her, she aired trash. Then she referred to the 'Surat Al-Fatiha,' saying that the Muslims teach their children the expression 'those whom the wrath of Allah is upon'
    (referring to the Jews) and 'those who deviate from the path of righteousness' (referring to the Christians), and she confronted the officials about these words. If we are a nation of terror and if we educate our children to terror, how does the civilized, modern, peace-seeking Israeli educate his son? Sheikh Salah Al-Munajid: Yes, this is a very good question. How does the modern civilized Israeli educate his son... Here is the answer: They say in their books, even in the children's stories, that the Palestinians are murderers, primitive, and unproductive. There is research by one Jew, named Daniel Bartal, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University, on 124 textbooks on literature, history, geography, and civics from the various stages of education in Israel. He himself, the Jew, was astonished. According to him, the Arabs are described as murderers, blood-thirsty, and thieves, and these books teach children images of Arabs in which Arabs are always wrong, try to use terror against us, and started the 1948 war. One of the students said that a friend of his felt deep rage after a lecture he heard at school, and had a powerful desire to kill the first Arab he met. Thus, the Jewish child leaves class with a sense that he must kill the first Arab he encounters. In addition - and this, my brothers, is a most important matter - if we educate our children to hate the Jews, we are educating them to hate the Jews justly, because they are the enemies of Allah and because of what they say about Allah, about the Prophet, about Islam, and about the Koran. These are their crimes. We do not make up accusations about the Jews. We do not educate our children to hate the Jews unjustly, but they educate their children to hate us unjustly. They teach their children to hate Islam while Islam is the religion of truth. 'He who seeks another religion that is not Islam must not be accepted.' This matter must be clear, and in my opinion this is an adequate response to these false claims.

    An Interview With Prof. 'Adel Sadeq, Head of the Psychiatry Faculty at 'Ein Shams University in Cairo on the Psychological Structure of Suicide Bombers Host: Let us begin at the beginning and ask, what is the psychological structure of the martyr? Who is the martyr? Who is this 17-year-old girl, planning to marry in 2 or 3 months, a beauty queen, who straps on an explosive belt and turns herself into a human bomb? What is the psychological structure of the martyr? Prof. 'Adel Sadeq: The psychological structure is that of a person who loves life. Praise Allah, he is seeking death! This is the thing that may appear peculiar to people who see the human soul as the most supreme thing. They are incapable of understanding this because their cultural structure has no concepts such as self- sacrifice and honor. These concepts do not exist in some cultures and thus they find themselves, in the face of these models (suicide bombers), in a state of denial, in a state of total denial they think that this is impossible, and therefore they begin to present idiotic and silly interpretations. Interviewer: You mean that the martyr is a person who loves life! Prof. 'Adel Sadeq: Of course. When he is martyred, he reaches the apex of happiness. He reaches the height of ecstasy, a level of
    (ecstasy) that you and I do not know. We feel happiness when we pray to Allah, or, for example, when we win a large sum of money or have a great success. Then you feel happiness, joy, as if you are flying. The height of ecstasy and happiness - and I am talking to you as a professional, a psychiatrist - comes the moment just like the producer told you: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, two, six, five, four, three, two, and then he presses the button to blow himself up. The most beautiful moment, for which he would have time speed up, is the moment he says "one - hop" - this man explodes, and he feels that he is flying, because he is completely convinced that he will not die, and this is the difference between us and the West. [The Westerner] thinks that he turns into a corpse that burns and flies through the air. Look what kind of culture they have... But, in fact, this is the act of transition to another and more beautiful world and he knows very well that within seconds he will see the light of his Creator. He will be at the closest possible point to Allah. On the strategic level, there must be a pan-Arab plan to reach our goal. The goal of all of us is to liberate Palestine from the Israeli aggressors. To use words that people do not like: we will throw Israel into the sea. This phrase, by the way, is the truth. Either they will throw us into the sea, or we will throw them into the sea. There is no compromise. Coexistence is all (nonsense)... Interviewer: No, either us or them. Either us or them.

    The "Life Is Sweet" Show: With the Family of Said Al-Khotari, the Suicide Bomber Who Blew Himself Up Outside the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv, and Other Guests.
    (Aired from Jordan) Father #1: I have a son and I am already preparing him for martyrdom, either mine or his. I tell him that Allah made a vast Paradise, and that in it are things that the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard, things that a man could not even imagine. He asks me: 'If I carry out an operation and blow myself up, will Allah give me a car, a rifle to shoot with, toys?' I answer him,
    'You will get everything you ask for.' Host: This really happened between you and your son? Father #1: This really happened. Interviewer: Hold the microphone together and we will ask what the right answer is to give a child who asks, 'Where is my father, or where is my mother after one or both of them has carried out a martyrdom operation?' Father #2- The father of Said Al-Khotari: The answer, in brief, is that when Said died a martyr's death, we said, he is a martyr, 'Do not consider those who died for the sake of Allah dead, but alive and sustained by their God,' and we calmed the children. When they came from the television channel, the Abu Dhabi channel I think, or another channel, we told them: 'We are willing to sacrifice our four children.' Then the smallest (fifth) child said:
    'Why can't I?!' Omar, a Palestinian child: I wish to be a martyr for the sake of Allah and to kill some of the Jews and infidels who worshiped other gods next to Allah and his Prophet and followed a religion that Allah did not permit and which is not mentioned in the Koran. I am 12 years old and I memorize the Koran. Interviewer: May Allah protect you and make you a Jihad fighter for the sake of Allah.

    An Interview with Dr. Colonel Nader Al-Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army Many people say: 'We do not talk about the Jews.' I hear some anchormen on the satellite channels say, 'We are not talking about the Jews, we are talking about Zionism.' Zionism is a small sapling in the extremely contemptible swamp of Judaism¦ I read in the Torah and in the Talmud, which interprets the Torah. (It is written there) that the human beings who are not Jews are beasts created from the sperm of a horse. And that Allah created them in human form so that the Jew would not be repulsed when they serve him. So, while the Jew kills him, drags him (like a rag), and treats him like a beast, and after all this I'm supposed to respect this religion? The final victory will come when the stone and the tree speak, saying, 'Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, a Jew is hiding behind me, come and kill him.' Except for the Gharqad tree, which is the tree of the Jews. The Gharqad is a sapling that grows in the Negev desert and the Jews began to plant it from the day they arrived in Palestine, around their fields. What is needed now is clinging to Allah, and for the masses of (suicide bombers) martyrs to get ready to enter Paradise. Paradise is open now. Anyone who wants to be admitted to Paradise instead of staying in its entrance, need only martyr himself. In Paradise, 70 black-eyed women will receive him. Not only one bride. This is why we call this 'the martyr's wedding,' because he is wed immediately. He passes from this earth, with all its misery, to the compassion of Allah, where he meets the martyrs who preceded him. Many sons of this nation. He meets them at the gates of Paradise. This is why, my brothers, that the gates of Paradise have opened before you. There is no point in remaining in this life of humiliation. Oh my nation, burst forth to Paradise, do not remain in the life of humiliation. The humiliated do not enter Paradise. Paradise is denied to the humiliated.

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