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Date: Fri 13 Jun 2003 - 18:45:52 GMT

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    > > As to who is and is not a criminal in the Israeli-Palestinian
    > > conflict, I wish to quote James Lileks for you:
    > >
    > > I havenTt written much about the oRoadmap to PeaceŁ for the same
    > > reason I wouldnTt write much about attempts to crossbreed a llama
    > > with a vacuum cleaner: I donTt think itTs going to work. I never
    > > thought it would work. The only question is how many dead Israelis
    > > it will take before the point is made, for the 3,234th time. The
    > > top-of-the-hour radio news played today's news just as youTd expect
    > > - everything shoved through the tit-for-tat template. Israel
    > > attempts to take out a terror leader; Hamas orespondsŁ with a
    > > bombing. As if theyTre equal. As if targeting the car that ferries
    > > around some murderous SOB is the same as sending a blissed-out
    > > teenager to blow nails and screws through the flesh of afternoon
    > > commuters so he can bury himself in the heaving bosom of the
    > > heavenly whorehouse. Cycle of violence, don't you know.
    > >
    > > They donTt have helicopters, we're told, so they use suicide
    > > bombers. If they had helicopters, they would have strafed the bus
    > > and everyone waiting at the corner. Give them a nation where Hamas
    > > runs unchecked, and theyTll have helicopters. They won't be Apaches.
    > > The bill of sale will be calculated in Euros and the manual written
    > > in French. By then the excuse for the terror won't be oppression;
    > > it'll be "the legacy of oppression." Sometimes I swear the
    > > mainstream media won't take a look at the Palestinian's horrid
    > > death-cult subculture until we learn that a suicide bomber played
    > > "Doom" at an Internet cafe for five minutes. And then they'll blame
    > > Intel.
    > This guy is letting his memes do his thinking for him. Both sides in
    > this conflict are committing terrible acts of violence against each
    > other. At first glance, it would seem that both sides are equally
    > guilty. But when you cancel out the violence of each side, what's
    > left is asymmetrical oppression. Israel is oppressing Palestine,
    > while Palestine is not oppressing Israel. Israel has all the power,
    > while Palestine has none. Israel illegally occupies Palestinian land,
    > while Palestine occupies no Israeli land. Israel restricts water to
    > Palestinians, preventing economic development, restricts Palestinian
    > movement with numerous check points (which has effectively shut down
    > all higher education), prevents Palestinians from using highways that
    > criss-cross their territory, bulldozes their houses, pulls up their
    > crops and fruit trees, and exploits them for low-end labor. The
    > relationship is much like that of rapist to raped. To claim that
    > Israel is somehow the victim in all this is much like claiming the
    > rapist is the victim simply because, in the course of the attack, the
    > victim managed to bite his ear. Clearly, we're dealing with a highly
    > successful, pathological meme.
    > We may trace the genealogy of this meme to Adolf Hitler and Naziism.
    > The insane persecution of the Jews left them with an enduring sense of
    > victimization. Even now, as they victimize Palestinians, they
    > narcissistically view themselves as morally pure, while their enemies
    > are pure evil. The narcissism generated through oppression has
    > remained in place, even as they've become cruel oppressor. The Zion
    > meme is a reverse image of the Nazi meme. It's the same except that
    > Jew is victimizer instead of victim. One might say the Zion meme to
    > the Nazi meme is what the vertebrate body-plan is to the insect
    > body-plan-- a simple inversion. They may look strikingly different,
    > but below the surface Nazi and Zionist bear the same colors, which
    > they elaborate on according to their cultural norms.
    > Just as Nazis projected their own criminality onto Jews, so Zionists
    > project their criminality onto their victims. The face of Palestine
    > presented in the US media is really just a mirror image of the true
    > face of Israel. The Jews made an epochal mistake when they abandoned
    > their Semitic brothers and trusted the very ones who had persecuted
    > them. While Jews lived in peace with Arabs for centuries from Iraq to
    > Iberia, Europeans bullied them and ultimately traumatized them. Yet
    > the Jews left their ancient homes in the Arab world to live in a
    > nation established for them by these same European powers. What would
    > Saadiah Gaon, tenth century Exilarch (secular head of Mesopotamian
    > Jewry), have made of Israel's support for the bombing of Baghdad,
    > Gaon's beloved home of many years? He would have figured the Jews had
    > lost their minds, and he would have been absolutely right. Zionist
    > Jews have lost their power of reason to an insidious, malignant meme.
    There has never in the history of the world been a nation called Palestine. The West Bank was part of Jordan and the Gaza strip was part of Egypt until the 1967 War; why was there no call for THOSE nations to give the Palestinians autonomy? Because those nations were Muslim and not Jewish. The Palestinians are being used by the Wahhabists to wage proxy war against Israel after they lost several conventional wars they waged against them; they would hate for peace and a two-state solution to be established because it would cancel out their guerrilla front and their death-cult-primed and explosive-belt- strapped cannon surrogate murderers. The grand Mufti of Jerusalem was an Adolph Hitler sympathizer during the Third Reich, as are many Muslims today, especially the Wahhabists that populate much of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the West Bank and Gaza. It is the same Nazism as before, cloaked in religious garb. You obviously do not know current events and opinions any better than you know history.
    > Ted
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