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Date: Thu 12 Jun 2003 - 21:54:14 GMT

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    > What you're missing is the human dimension. For example, plenty of
    > people have recognized that the state policies of Israel toward its
    > Palestinian minority are criminal. To be anti-Israel, in this limited
    > sense, results from subjecting beliefs to our innate capacity for
    > reason. But some people criticize Israel, not out of reason, but out
    > of a racist hatred of Jews. These are people who equate all Jews with
    > Israel, though many Jews, even Israeli citizens, are appalled at the
    > brutality of their government and their fellow citizens. The
    > principled anti-Isreali stance is a result of human intelligence, not
    > memetic struggle. The unprincipled anti-Israeli stance results from
    > the success of the anti-Jew meme. Another unprincipled stance, which
    > is pro-Isreali, depends on the success of the meme that equates all
    > criticism of Israel with "anti-Semitism" (the irony being that Arabs
    > are themselves Semitic).

    The bias is not on the basis of race so much as religion; all members of non-Islamic religions are to be converted, enslaved (dhimmitude) or killed. This is the stance that medieval Christians also took, but the Enlightenment, which the Islamists have either rejected or never experienced, grew them out of it.

    As to who is and is not a criminal in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I wish to quote James Lileks for you:

    I haven™t written much about the śRoadmap to Peaceť for the same reason I wouldn™t write much about attempts to crossbreed a llama with a vacuum cleaner: I don™t think it™s going to work. I never thought it would work. The only question is how many dead Israelis it will take before the point is made, for the 3,234th time. The top-of-the-hour radio news played today's news just as you™d expect - everything shoved through the tit-for-tat template. Israel attempts to take out a terror leader; Hamas śrespondsť with a bombing. As if they™re equal. As if targeting the car that ferries around some murderous SOB is the same as sending a blissed-out teenager to blow nails and screws through the flesh of afternoon commuters so he can bury himself in the heaving bosom of the heavenly whorehouse. Cycle of violence, don't you know.

    They don™t have helicopters, we're told, so they use suicide bombers. If they had helicopters, they would have strafed the bus and everyone waiting at the corner. Give them a nation where Hamas runs unchecked, and they™ll have helicopters. They won't be Apaches. The bill of sale will be calculated in Euros and the manual written in French. By then the excuse for the terror won't be oppression; it'll be
    "the legacy of oppression." Sometimes I swear the mainstream media won't take a look at the Palestinian's horrid death-cult subculture until we learn that a suicide bomber played "Doom" at an Internet cafe for five minutes. And then they'll blame Intel.

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