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    June 9, Knowing = being able to remember. If you cannot remember something any more, you no longer know it; you have forgotten it. June 12,
    > What makes one's birthdate cognitively 'ready-to-hand' is nothing more
    > nor less than the fact that it is part of one's self-concept and self-
    > identity, just like one's name and birthtown are.

    Yes, according to the nowadays applied standards it is, but we don 't know exactly how the brain/ mind works, what memory is and what memories are for ! Like I wrote to Wade, all can be just elegant workings of a brain, no more and no less !

    The memory agent, what thus induced the memory in the first place, is the venue in its capacity to induce performances to be expected performed. The venue supplies the approiate conditions and parameters and long gone experiences so that the ' performer ' and you the ' obser- ver ' perform performances as they were expected by the venue.

    Its up to performer, within his own creative mood, to perform such a performance that you ' remerber ' it the next time your birthday comes along. Your name and your hometown are in the same man- ner induced upon you, part of your self- concept and self- identity indeed but still part of the venue- inducement which needs those to induce certain performances.

    Self- concept and self- identity are results of a performance- process, as being part of the definite venue that expects performances to be performed within the context of the self- concept and self- identity. It is within the dynamic of the venue that we ought to search for the matter of the cognitive gestalt. The cognitive gestalt is part of how the venue induces performances.



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