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Date: Thu 12 Jun 2003 - 18:40:14 GMT

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    On Thursday, June 12, 2003, at 01:33 PM, Joe wrote:

    > What makes one's birthdate cognitively 'ready-to-hand' is nothing more
    > nor less than the fact that it is part of one's self-concept and self-
    > identity,

    There is nothing outside of the cultural venue that makes one's birthday 'ready-to-hand'. As I said, and as I repeat, there is _no way_ you can deduce the date of your birth without cultural referents. You
    _cannot_ determine the date of your birth from information gleaned solely from nature and your own observations. In order to insert your birthdate into your brain (as whatever it is in there as part of your cognitive gestalt), _someone_ has to _tell_ it to you.

    Birthdays, as I also said, are an excellent example of an evolving cultural venue.

    Kenneth has it right.

    >> Venues persist in the making of as many performances as possible so
    >> that performances can be ' performed ' . Remerbering your birthday is
    >> just one performance that the cultural venue needs for its ' evolution
    >> '_ in order to mutate, and to be selected by it needs observable
    >> aspects as much as it possibly can induce, to encourage ' expected '
    >> performances...that is here remerbering your birthday.

    To disprove me, please give me a method you could use to determine your own birthday, if no-one had told it to you. The bold fact of the matter is, you cannot come up with any method to do this because there is no method to do this. Yeah, we, and you, can be assured you _had_ a birthday, but, there is no way to discover your, or anyone else's, birthday without cultural information, and in order for a culture to impart information, there needs to be a cultural venue within which to perform an action to communicate it- in this case, the counting of days in a year, the naming and organization of segments like months, and the actual recording of your birth in accordance with these rules. There is no way nature will tell you any of this. Even with a lifetime of observations, and careful plotting of the sun and the seasons, the best you can do is an estimate of the time of solar cycle, since you won't be able to start to figure any of this out until you figure out a mathematical system for cyclical time. The actual date of your birth will remain undiscoverable.

    QED- this is information that needs to be told to you.

    QED- this is cultural information supplied by a venue, not by your self.

    - Wade

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