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Date: Mon 09 Jun 2003 - 18:25:23 GMT

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    > From: "Scott Chase" <>
    > Please don't make the asociation between the developmental biological
    > concept of the morphogenetic field and Sheldrake's morphic mumbo jumbo.

    The "developmental biological concept of the morphogenetic field" is
    *exactly* what Sheldrake discusses in his hypothesis of formative causation. The only difference is that he regards form-giving fields as being irreducible to either atoms or equations.

    Since you already know this, why am I explaining it to you?

    > Sheldrake hijacked the concept from developmental biology and
    > it to cover more than what it was intended, conceptualizing the four
    > dimensional (ie- spatiotemporal) aspects of form generation
    > Sheldrake has created way too much confusion on this topic with his psi
    > phenomenal abuse of the term "morphic field" that the knee jerk reaction
    > someone talking about morphogenetic fields is that they believe in psychic
    > pets (ie- clever Hansian hamsters that know when their owners have just
    > pulled up in the driveway and are about to open the front door and get the
    > box of hamster treats out of the pantry).

    Stop whining.


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