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    > But, once told (memetically cummunicated from another mind via
    > utilizing commonly held action-perception encoding/decoding systems),
    > one cognitively retains it throughout all venues one subsequently may
    > occupy and can most of the time access it at will.

    Catchin' up on this one,

    << Yes, no doubt, but this means, if you look at it in Wade's way, how diverse the ( cultural) venues are in promoting certain performances above others. We all know our birthday is ' there ( somewhere) ' _ in the brain !?_ but unless you don 't have a need/ desire to access the actual date you don 't
    ' know ' do you !?

    It is at the actual moment of needing the date/ place/ time etc. for certain purposes, or at the very moment of inducement ( someones asks you to/ someone remerber his/ someone is having a birthday party nextdoor) that you actual ' remerber ' yours. I know when I was working in the garden this afternoon that my birthday was ' somewhere ' but the actual date, place, time came only to mind during the writing of this post_ where birthday was hidden/ stored I don 't know,but during the time I was working ' birthday ' wasn 't accessed/ opened or whatever. It was ' there ' but on the other hand it wasn 't...

    Stored or not, what is the mechanism to open up the file ' birthday ' and how big it...with what othe files are there connections !? Do I ' remerber ' those too at the very moment I access ' birthday ' !? Or is a further inducement of the environment/ venues needed to do so !?



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