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From: Bill Hall (
Date: Mon 09 Jun 2003 - 07:37:39 GMT

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    Serves me right for dropping in on the middle of a thread - and then my wife claims I have no sense of humour. At times she might even be right!

    Bill Hall
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    > Ummm... medicinal use of leeches was *exactly* what I had in mind before I
    > went into sarcasm mode. Sarcasm is lost on the uninitiated.
    > Notice how I added that subtle bit about reattached fingers? I *was* being
    > sarcastic, in making my point that,ironialyy, a certain type of
    > is still in use today.
    > I guess I should have said something like "Well granted the traditional
    > practice of bleeding is outdated, but they do use leeches these days when
    > reattaching some body parts", but that would be no fun. Loki and Fenris
    > would not be amused.

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