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Date: Sat 07 Jun 2003 - 16:11:52 GMT

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    Dear all, Meme itself becomes a meme or a meta-meme since the day it

    was created. I don't know there is anybody who questions the

    logical correctness of meme concept. If the word
    "meme" still suggests a relation, to some extent, with its etymological orgin--

    imitation, it can not deny its foundation on man-made actions.

    Following this line of thinking, it seems unversally true that any

    man-made action can be copied. To put it in another way, a first

    man does it, a second man can imitate it. The only difference

    between them is a matter of degree rather than a categorical

    distinction, even though the ideas underlying the action and its

    copying action may be quite different. Perhaps just because of

    easy copying of our man-made things, we need the law of patent

    to protect our originality. What's more, copying is not only

    confined to human culture. As science and technology update,

    biological copying will be as usual as our cultural copying.

    However, a scientist should keep alert to any so called "universal

    truth". I wonder if there is something about a man which can not

    be imitated or copied by another.

    All the best. Xuelin

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