Re: _Religion Explained_ by Pascal Boyer

Date: Tue 03 Jun 2003 - 19:12:04 GMT

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    I remember reading this book especially the part about memes and the cognitive aspects that limited ontological violations provide in terms memory pegs in oral traditions.

    I have thought we can expand this into meme memory pegs based on embodied biological experience. A philosophy in the flesh so to speak of memetics. For example how many times does a story metaphorically refer to gastronomic functions to make a point? can we quantify and or categorize these occurrences? . . . breathing in the spirit? . . .or an oral fixation? A flood of sexual congress with the memes we drink, and tasting their sweetness in your wet lips. Hearing the roar of the river of refreshing wetness that flows between the great enveloping libidinous slips in the peaceful valley of your corporeal sea of sensual tasty delights. Completing its journey through the turgid firmness of your supple muscular flesh caressed by the loving tender hand of your favorite lover. Seeing the eye candy in the frame on the wall and vicariously drinking in its succulent sweetness though my torpidly warm sensuous eyes.

    etc. . . etc. . .

    just transparently show me, for seeing is believing, and enlightenment sometimes comes with sunglasses when needed.


    or do we really remember the ontological violations that much better? Can your really imagine going to bed with a supernaturalism? Are we even THAT lonely?
     Everyone hurts, I imagine.

    Show me the memes. Love,-Jake

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