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    > > In Wade 's scheme, the fact along you remerber your birthday
    > > means somewhere, someone did, said,...or whatever something,
    > > a word, a phonecall has been made, a card has been giving to
    > > you, someone you work with has celerated his/ hers birthday
    > > yesterday or will be tomorrow,....there are thousands perfor-
    > > mances which can induce the fact that you remerber yours.
    > But the fact that a thousand *different* promptings can stimulate one to
    > access that stored information (and I'll bet just about anyone can
    > remember their birthday with no trouble at all) is one strong and telling
    > argument against the 'performance-only', memeisthemotion stance. OF
    > COURSE that info. is held inside your brain, and you can access it at
    > will. Other info. may be harder to access and respond to fewer different
    > promptings, but it is still COGNITIVELY accessed.

    Yes, but it is in the venue interest, in order to persist, to have as many ways as possible by which it can be recognized. It is in the interest of the venue that as many performances as possible are induced by it. The habit of celebrating one's birthday, and remerbering it in the first place, is the cultural venue it own way of controls of recognizable persistence of birthday- related performances.

    The different prompting are needed to avoid an one- model- stance. If only one performance would induce you remerbering your birthday it would, in a general sense, mean that the model is static, there would be no mutation, no selection, no differing cognitive gestalts would mean that the necessary evolution would not occur and therefor the overall evolution of culture and its traits would cease to exist.

    The venue of culture wherein birthdays reside creates lines for per- formances to be expected, in Austins Speech Acts referred to as
    ' promised '. A thousand different promptings can stimulate you in remerbering your birthday and in the contextual frame of the remer- berance ' memes ' are created/ generated/ realized, and each is in- clined towards a specific situational ( included emotions etc) responses/ performances_ culture persistence of holding the remerberance of birthdays high up its ladder depends on its ways which encourage you do to so. And the bet that about anyone can remerber their birthday with no trouble at all prooves, yes indeed that the venue is persistent in holding the similar performances under its control.

    It is the recognizability of those elements that stimulates you to remerber your birthday_ and in a way about anything can induce such remerberance. But it evolves. Where there were postcards in the past, nowadays, digital photos and greetings along the Web are the trend.



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