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    > Things like survival and longevity aren't significant after childbearing
    > years are over. That lifespan have increased from 45-50 to 75-80 is a net
    > Malthusian drain on communal resources. Particularly since women tend to
    > outlive men and, after menopause, there isn't a lot of use for them...from
    > genetic perspective. There is some research forwarding a hypothesized
    > "grandmother effect", in which post-menopausal women care for the
    > of their own daughters (which they can be assured carry their genes).
    > I'm not convinced this care outweighs the cost of feeding grandma.
    > Quality of mate is subjective. Is a more intelligent mate better, or a
    > fecund fool?
    > As for quantity, that isn't relevant unless live children are produced.
    > can screw around all you want, but it's the number of kids that survive to
    > procreate that counts. You can't survive that don't exist, and educated
    > people have fewer children. These individual children may have a better
    > quality of life; that is the booby prize.

    Hm, within this context, how do you account for the number of divorces, and the augmentation of ' reconstructed ' families as a consequences of those divorces !?

    (reconstucted families are those that hold within a mother and her children and a father with his)

    If they are young enough, a kid will be born within the new family. Do you see this as element for getting a better life for all the children !? What is the cultural/ social/ genetic and maybe memetic mechanism behind this !?



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