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    > This system of genetic inequity only works in the presence of other memes
    > such as "charity", "every human life is valuable" and "love all people".
    > Imagine the poor black child, born in the inner city to a 14 year old
    > mother. Do you feel charity? Is that life valuable to you? Do you feel
    > that our society should provide some support to that family?
    > Those feelings, if present, are memes that are not in your genetic


    Alan already mentioned it, but I would like to add the following,

    Those memes are, to some degree, in your genetic interest, atleast as being a subclass. Feelings of charity, of giving a helping hand, of solidarity helps you in your genetic survival, 1_ being than a gently, caring man augments your possible succes towards the opposite sexe. Creating your own ' venue ' in that way, performances presented and accounted for within can and will spread.

    2_ Gestures, artifacts, thoughts, performances and behaviors, whatever they mean can and will be ' passed on ', culturally and/ or socially from you to your offspring. Kids, remerber,
    ' imitate' their parents. In a way, you manipulate your kids' genes/ memes in order that your own cultural/ social venues/ elements will and can spread.

    3_ Charity, done on a larger scale than your own individualistic effort, manipulate the social mechanisms of a state. Cultural evolution benefits from this approach and therefor in a feedback loop yourself. The parameter of maintaining a cultural/ social caring community gives rise, maybe to false beliefs, to vital performances within its participants, needed to maintain the venue itself.



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