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Date: Sun 01 Jun 2003 - 09:56:46 GMT

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    > There are other ways to power, more effective ones. See Evolution of
    > Cooperation. Humans are deeply social and work best in cooperative
    > modes. (Though between groups it can be vicious.)

    Hm, that is IMO more a fact of consent though ! We work maybe best within cooperation and maybe we are good in social maintaining traits and habits that benefit the group/ species, but that is more of a strawman to me.

    We are social and we work together only when its benefits our own needs and expectations. Outside this model, examples undermine this thesis.

    On a sunny day, like today, many of us wants to get to the beach. Now you can think, well if we all behave and drive like we should be we all get there in time and no harm done. But it doesn 't work like that, at all ! We all drive different speeds, on different lanes and most of all, we all want to get at the seashore first. Social, working together !? No way, we all drive like maniacs and what we try to do is to corner the one next to us. On the road there is applied darwinain analysis at it worst.

    Outside a main frame, ( factory, teams, companies, etc) the fact of being social and working together falls apart. Whenever we leave the gate of our work behind, cooperative modes are breaking up, maybe into other sets of the same thing, into other, more individualistic social mechanisms.

    Maybe, it is a different ballgame in the US, there is at least more police control for speeding fools, but over here, especially since the historical venue of the belgian people shows more hyper- individualistic traits to others, I don 't have the same perception as you do....



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