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Date: Sun 01 Jun 2003 - 09:02:32 GMT

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    > I think this gets near the point I was lunging at: I think the
    > fitness-improving meme is to look favourably on the educated. In the
    > days of olde, you were a witch; no-one benefitted from whatever
    > knowledge you might have gleaned through your alchemy/serendipity (and
    > I'd assume it takes a long time for a meme to become 'folk knowledge').

    Hi Chris, Just buzzin ' in....

    I don 't know though. A decade of so ago, the chairman of the European board, forgot his name, warned about the fact that the next people to fall out of the evolution contest were to be those who haven 't access to the information sources avaible. Education, is within such a context only a small part.

    Fitness improved along the lines of those who had/ have access to the info avaible. The WWW is an example of such development. Without it you 're lost these days. Therefor, at least here in Belgium, special programs are set up for free Internet for seniors, kids, schools, foreigners, poor, etc...people.

    Of course, the problem is that most of those groups do experience a kind of initial hesitation towards such technology which makes the success of such programs less predictable. IMO, in the long run the above groups will fall out of the basket after all....



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