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Date: Sat 31 May 2003 - 19:24:16 GMT

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    > > On Monday, May 26, 2003, at 03:22 PM, Kenneth wrote:
     What the consequence of one's actions will be upon yourself can only be a fact at the very moment it will occur. Joe,
    > But these consequences can be forseen in advance (not perfectly, but
    > well enough for people to cognitively conceive and carry out plans,
    > many of which transpire as envisioned).

    Yes, in many cases that is quite possible, but are you quite sure about the facts one will induce upon you !? I am not ! We still are people and pretty unpredictable, so in the case you write me a nasty letter, the logical fact will be, I write you one back, but would you conceive the possibility that one day I show up on your doorstep !? Would you transpire and envisionise such possibility !? You can 't forsee everything. You will forsee I will write you a letter back, you can envisionise I will take a trip to the US to get cross with you, but are you sure about the date !? Time !? Place !? Weapon !?

    At the very moment I will be in front of you, you will know you made an error of judgement, not before....that is one major fact of terrorism, you will never know when they will act untill you hear the bang... Even in the more quiet setting of brainstorming anew made plans has within consequences that can 't yet be forseen_ tipping points are everywhere and were to be induced by performances not yet performed....



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