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Date: Wed 28 May 2003 - 22:14:09 GMT

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    At 02:05 PM 28/05/03 -0400, Scott wrote:

    >I was hoping *you* could elaborate on it.

    Off topic except as an example.

    >This link says that interleukin-4 is involved in immune system control. I
    >don't see this as meaning that IL-4 is an immunosppresive gene.
    >Interleukin-4 has normal regulatory functions in relation to the immune system.
    >Some Aussie researchers were studying ways to sterilize pest mammals (mice
    >were the model, but rabbits could have been an eventual target) by
    >introducing a zona pellucida protein gene spliced into a mousepox vector,
    >which would hopefully induce an auto-immune response upon the eggs of the
    >mice, rendering them sterile.
    >One strain of mice was especially resistant to this mousepox vector so an
    >interleukin-4 gene was spliced in as a way of getting one over on the
    >mouse strain's immunity. This strategy had the unintended consequence of
    >making the vector highly lethal, instead of relatively benign and opening
    >up a possible Pandora's box in the eyes of those worried about biological
    >terrorism. Is that the jist of what you wanted to convey?


    Keith Henson

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