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From: Lawrence DeBivort (
Date: Wed 28 May 2003 - 19:52:53 GMT

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    What is in my hand is an 'idea' -- substance -- which is encoded in a memetic structure. The structure provides the substance -- the idea -- with the wherewithal to spread itself and defend itself.

    Were it possible I would use the structure to enable the dissemination of some ideas, or to impede the dissemination of others. We have, of course, agreed earlier that memetic engineering is not possible.

    So, you see that it is of little help for me to jump into the definitional threads....

    > Both the performance model and the ideational model don't allow that
    > much is actually _done_ by the meme, but rather, allow that things
    > happen because of it.

    I can accept this formulation of what a meme does, especially if we say by analogy that the wrench does not actually do anything, but it allows things to be done with it.

    Cheers, Lawry

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