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Date: Wed 28 May 2003 - 13:57:05 GMT

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    On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, at 09:01 AM, Richard wrote:

    > If the meme at t3 is not a copy of the meme at t1, I don't see that
    > this is
    > a model of anything. What does this predict?

    If by 'copy' you mean a representation with understandable similarity, then t3 is a copy of t1.

    But, in order to predict at all, you need to know the conditions of performance at t2, and the state of receptivity of the observer at t3.

    If the venue is adapted well, and the parameters strict, (as in a classroom), then we can be somewhat assured the performer at t1 will be behaving in the 'commanded' manner, be allowed to perform, if not encouraged to do so, in a way that allows observation at t2, and the observer at t3 will be perceiving the 'correctly' performed behavior in a mode of some concentration that is expecting it.

    If all these conditions are met, the following performance of the observer at t3 will be similar enough to the original performance at t1 for another observer to understand a large degree of isomorphism.

    Prediction is bound to these conditions.

    Intent is not performance and it certainly is not perception.

    In order to predict cultural continuity, we need to see these conditions. There is no way to truly predict whether or not the original performance at t1 will continue culturally, but that is true in any model. The conditions of the venue are, however, the best predictor for continuation, and in this wise, we can say that since the game of baseball has a large venue encompassing several professions and disciplines and millions of people on several continents, that it is safe to predict the game itself will be recognizable for a long time.

    What does the memeinthemodel predict? And how? When it gives no effectual conditions to the venue or the physical conditions, in what way can it make any prediction? When, in essence, it says the copy is the selfsame thing, in what way is it even attempting to predict change?

    - Wade

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