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Date: Tue 27 May 2003 - 20:58:35 GMT

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    > On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 03:47 PM, Ray wrote:
    > > Dugatkin says that animal imitation constitutes culture. How does an
    > > individual event of performance differ from an event of imitated
    > animal
    > > behavior other than the fact in one case a human is doing it and in
    > the
    > > other case an animal is?
    > If you are willing to accept that imitation is all that is required to
    > constitute culture, than there is no difference.
    > I am not willing to accept that culture is only imitation.
    > I don't know Dugatkin, but, I do know Hauser, and he does not see
    > animal imitation as constituting culture.
    > When an animal does something other than imitate, let me know.
    > - Wade
    That 'something other than imitate' is the thing you can not account for with a purely performance based model. It involves internal mental manipulation.

    Ray Recchia

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